Solutions and products

Designed for independent separate control of the performance of mud pumps as part of the electrical equipment of the drilling rig.

Designed for soft start and controlling the performance of the reservoir pressure maintenance pumps.

Designed to increase the efficiency of the transfer pumps by adjusting their performance by varying the rotational speed of the drive motors.

Designed to improve the efficiency of pumping units.

Steam boilers

The universal operational car "Sprinter"

- Mobility
- Compact size
- High performance (50MPa, 65 l/s)

- UNBT-1180, UNBT-950
- F2200H, F1600H, F1600, F1300
- power up to 1600 kW

- For two mud pumps up to 1600kW
- Heat insulated container
- Cable products
- Control panels

- Mobility
- Compact size
- Wide control range

> Voltage 3, 6, 10 kV
> Power 315 kW - 20 MW
> Frequency 0 - 60 Hz

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