Complex control of pump unit for pumping oil

Complex control of pump unit for pumping oil

The complex control of pump unit for pumping oil (CC PUPO) is designed to increase the efficiency of the transfer pumps by adjusting their performance by varying the rotational speed of the drive motors.

Implementation of CC PUPO will provide:
- saving electrical energy by optimizing the maintenance of pressure in the pipeline and reaching the optimum mode without the use of throttling;
- increase in reliability of operation and extension of the service life of electric motors, as well as the pumps driven by them by reducing mechanical loads during direct starts;
- increase the life of the pipeline by ensuring optimal hydraulic conditions;
- elimination of failure of instrumentation and automation equipment due to the lack of water hammers;
- reducing the accident rate of equipment and reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance, as well as reducing emergency production downtime;
- automated optimization of technological parameters with the possibility of integration into the APCS of the enterprise.
HVFCA provides smooth start-up and speed control of the selected engine in accordance with the process specification from the group control station (GCS), which provides an algorithm for the correct switching on of the engines and output of one of the engines to the standby mode.

GCS ensures the maintenance of the regulated parameter in accordance with the technological task and taking into account the feedback from the selected sensor of the technological parameter.

The control circuit of CC PUPO provides for a return to the manual control circuit bypassing the HVFC.
The main elements of the CC PUPO:
- High-voltage frequency converter
- High-voltage switching equipment
- Group control station
- Mobile building

The equipment of the complex is controlled by the group control station of the complex remotely, by commands from the process control system or from the control panel.
Complex control of pump unit for pumping oil
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