Mobile technological cluster

Mobile technological cluster

Main tasks

    • Selection of the optimal location of the MTC on existing technological sites
    • Providing a significant reduction in linear pressure in the oil collection system
    • Well fluid flow separation (anhydrous oil, produced water, associated petroleum gas (APG)) with a given quality
    • Separate transportation of the products obtained to the points provided by the logistics scheme - including the newly constructed flexible pipelines from flexible polymer-metal pipes and low-pressure polyethylene
    • Disposal of produced water to the existing system for maintaining reservoir pressure through the Pronega-1000 mobile mini cluster pumping station of full factory readiness and remote control capability

    Sources of economic effect

      • Line pressure reduction in pipeline
      • Reducing the cost of processing oil due to localization of water
      • Economic effect

      Additional effects
      • Reducing the accident rate of pipelines and their maintenance costs;
      • Reducing the cost of fighting against asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits in pipelines;
      • Reducing the specific energy consumption by more than 15% in technical processes:
      - fluid lifting;
      - artificial conditions
        Innovations used in Project-180 L-Start Group of Companies

        • The method of preparation and transportation of downhole products at mature oil fields and the implementation system (application for invention No. 2014114093, priority of 17.04.2018).
        • A device for separating an oil emulsion (RF patent No. 2618057 dated May 19, 2016)
        • Measurement of the flow rate of oil, water and gas before and after the introduction of the MTC can be performed using an SMMU (sample multiphase metering unit) based on a pressure diaphragm (RF patent No. 2618057 dated May 19, 2016)
        • Emulsion heating unit (RF patents Nos. 2650996, 2658658 dated 23.06.2017 and 24.08.2017. "Electric steam generator")

        Impact of MTC on key indicators
        IndicatorNature of the changesExpected range
        Oil production
        Fluid production
        Pipeline content
        Specific power consumption of technical processes:
        - collection and transportation of fluid and oil,
        - The artificial effect of water on the reservoir,
        - Oil processing,
        - Fluid lifting
        Electrical energy cost
        Environmental protection

        Key findings
        • The project is scalable.
        • The project quickly pays off, reduces operating costs and minimizes environmental impacts.
        • The project meets modern requirements for the extraction and transportation of hydrocarbon raw materials using intelligent systems for managing these production processes.
        • Each MTC will bring additional income.

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