Marginal Oil Assets Technology Platform

Marginal Oil Assets Technology Platform

The main tasks of the system work with marginal assets

  • the creation of a specialized organization capable of implementing the Projects for the efficient operation of marginal assets in practice
  • selection of participants in the service market, the choice of companies with competencies, innovative technologies, equipment, interested in participation and ready to share the risks of the Project
  • providing a comprehensive analysis of marginal assets, the development and implementation of a feasibility study and their effective development program using the principles of reengineering
  • attraction of direct investments in Projects

The main signs of marginal assets

    • Advanced watering of development facilities in relation to the degree of oil reserves
    • Decrease in the rate of selection from hard-to-recover oil reserves, indicating disconnection of active oil reserves
    • Drop in oil production at a rate exceeding the natural depletion of reserves
    • Unregulated increase in water-oil factor and increasing the flow of unprofitable production of wells
    • Low efficiency of geological and technical measures (GTM) and, as a result, a sharp reduction in the operating well stock
    • Current development status requires asset infrastructure reengineering.
    • High specific energy consumption for oil production
    • Dependence on the constant growth of the tariff for the purchase of electricity
    • Investment unattractiveness - PI less than 1.2; IRR less than 15%

    MOTP Project Implementation Scenarios

    • Lease of the asset as a single administrative complex*
    • Purchase of an asset as a single administrative complex*
    • Allocation of an asset to a separate company and the creation of a joint venture with a subsoil user*
    • Providing services for the effective management of oil assets
    • Provision of services for the implementation of efficient engineering solutions, technologies and equipment under commercial concession agreements

    * It is possible to create a pilot oil test site within an independent legal entity

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