Technology to improve the profitability of oil production in depleted fields

Technology to improve the profitability of oil production in depleted fields

"Spectrum" Technology. A complex of downhole operations designed to identify and start the active development of additional oil reserves in various geological and field conditions

Application background

    • Low efficiency of standard geological and technical measures (GTM), such as the BHT, hydraulic fracturing, FFW, RIW, reperforations, etc.
    • A significant part of the residual oil reserves (more than 50%) is not involved in active development due to the inaction of wells
    • Some intervals of the reservoir with full wells watering remained undeveloped
    • During the long inaction of wells, accumulations of oil have formed in local uplifts that can give industrial inflows
    • The amount of research to identify oil-saturated intervals in the context of productive horizons, which is commonly used by subsoil users, is insufficient and uninformative, especially in the perforated part of the reservoir

    Solvable problems

    • Putting into development the additional oil reserves at depleted, including extremely watered fields
    • Recovery of oil production on a long-term non-operating well stock
    • A more accurate understanding of the actual distribution of residual oil reserves in the field along the section and strike of productive strata
    • Extension of the effective exploitation period for depleted fields

      Recommended objects for use

      • Fields with
      • Abnormally high
      • Depleted fields with low efficiency of
      • Water deposits of oil
        Briefly about the "Spectrum" technology

        The proposed technology is a set of works to identify non-performing oil and gas saturated intervals in wells and to ensure the production of oil from them in an economically viable way.

        Each well, in which prospective oil-saturated intervals will be identified, can be used to increase oil production at the field.

        We have designed Spectrum technology modifications for work:
        • with low-yield wells - basic modification
        • with low-permeability reservoirs and other hard-to-recover reserves
        • with extremely watered (over 95%) well stock
        • with wells with impaired lining of the production string

        Components of the basic Spectrum modification

        1. Analytical - multi-factor analysis of the field allows you to justify the experimental sites of work, to identify candidate wells using the author’s ranking method and to increase the success rate of promising oil-saturated reservoir intervals detection

        2. Research - geophysical studies in the production string allow us to identify promising intervals with high oil saturation. In the presence of a prospective interval (s) of the reservoir - its opening parameters are coordinated.

        3. Technological - deep-penetrating drilling perforation allows you to create side channels oriented perpendicular to the production string.

        Bringing the well on to optimum mode of operation of the electric centrifugal pump installation
        provides the maximum oil flow rate.
        Evaluation of the usefulness of the work performed.

        All operations (according to paragraphs 2-3) take no more than 18 hours and can be performed during planned routine maintenance

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