Mobile drilling facility ILS-250E

Mobile drilling facility ILS-250E

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The mobile drilling facility has been designed in line with two main principles:

1. On the one hand, to ensure mobility, rig-up/rig-down time reduction, and to consequently reduce operational costs, the electrically-actuated mobile drilling facility design shall involve engineering solutions crucially different from those involved in the stationary unit design:
- Maximally compact turnkey equipment assemblies constituting the drilling facility;
- Distributed power supply and control system;
- Various installation options;
- Some design solutions envisage potential mounting auxiliary equipment such as compressors, steam generator, alternator etc on self-movable chassis.

2. On the other hand, the electrically-actuated mobile drilling facility design shall maximally benefit from introduction of electrical-drive-based solution compared to diesel-based one so that to implement automatic control of operating procedures and consequently to ensure optimal interaction of any equipment constituting the drilling facility. For example, power-feed drilling mode allows use of emergency winch drive capable of 45 KW rather than main winch drive capable of 800-1000 KW.

Compliance with these principles during designing and manufacturing the mobile drilling facility allows a significant reduction in operational costs at relocation, rigging-up, and maintenance, as well as a substantial reduction in drilling-concurrent expenditures what ensures cutting down on prime costs and makes the drilling facility highly competitive.

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