The universal operational car "Sprinter"

The universal operational car "Sprinter"

New transport format for oil operators

The universal operational car "Sprinter" is designed to perform the full range of work on the planned maintenance of technological facilities, as well as to perform emergency repairs in the event of failures and emergencies. This complex is designed for operation in harsh conditions, including at low temperatures.
Operational car


5 passenger seat
Steam generator (SGU)


Up to 600 kg of steam per hour
Power plant

Power output up to 200 kW

The use of the universal operational vehicle "SPRINTER" allows in the process of organizing planned and emergency works to:

Significantly increase the efficiency of operations, and, consequently, reduce the time of planned and emergency downtime
Reduce the costs associated with the delivery of working teams, as well as the costs associated with the need to order additional units of equipment.

Ensure that the necessary equipment is available at the work site (steam generator (SGU), welding machine, etc.) "here and now."

Examples of execution on the basis of various cars*


* The equipment can be installed on other car models

Versions of standard equipment sets

  ModelKamaz / URAL
GAZ Sadko
GAZ Sobol
 UAZ Profi
  Drive4х4, 6х64х4
  Seating capacity4-7555
  VanHeat-insulated with a heater
  Electric power generatorFrom the chassis drive
  Voltage, V220 / 380
  Voltage frequency, Hz50
  Rotation frequency, rpm1500
  Power, kW100-2006440
  Induction steam generator (SGU)SGU-200, 300, 500SGU-200SGU-100
  Productivity, kg of steam per hour200-300-500200100
  Steam temperature, up to C175
  Steam pressure up to bar7
  Opening hours with full water refill, hour3-125-7.55-7
  Steam hose with quick-release coupling, diameter/length

33-42mm / 20-30m33mm / 20-30m28mm / 20-30m
  Steam lance
1.5 m with nozzles
  Water tank volume, liters1500-25001000-1500500-700
  Distribution cabinet, V220 / 380
  General characteristics
  Volume of fuel tank/gas cylinder, lCustom order
  Fuel consumption during the operation of equipment, l/h
Depending on the selected equipment171210
  Additional equipment and tools
  The use of a properly installed high-power power generator allows the simultaneous use of any electric tool required for work.

  - welding machine
   - angle grinder
   - drill
   - perforator
   - winch
   - grinder machine
   - miter saw
   - metal cutting saw
   - 12/24V high power pre-charger
   - industrial dryer
   - universal extension (1 and 3 phases)

  Additionally, an air piston compressor can be installed, which allows the use of pneumatic equipment and tools.

     - air gun
   - spray gun
   - jackhammer
   - screw gun

  Additionally, any other equipment can be installed:   

     - electrical equipment and tools corresponding to the
     the characteristics of the power generator and switchgear
   - pneumatic equipment corresponding to the characteristics
     of the selected compressor
   - mechanical equipment


When installing equipment on other car models, the composition and characteristics will be selected in accordance with the desired goals and needs of the Customer.

Their main features are

  • Five-seater cabin designed for the transport of the working team.
  • The presence of a properly installed power generator powered by a car engine.
  • The presence of distribution devices for connecting any electrical equipment supplied as an option.
  • The presence of a properly installed steam generating unit (SGU) with a water tank.

Thus, a universal machine that has on board all the necessary equipment for performing standard and specialized operations can be completed for the customer’s tasks.

The modular architecture of the universal operational car "Sprinter" allows you to equip it with all the necessary tools, both at the factory, and to supplement the equipment and tools in the process of operation by the customer independently.

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